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Planning a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls? GO Transit now offers convenient online Weekend Passes, perfect for your Saturday, Sunday, and holiday travels. For just $10 a day, you can explore the Greater Golden Horseshoe with unlimited rides on any GO train or bus.

We know you’re excited to see friends and family, and get out to your favourite sites and day trip destinations. GO Transit is moving their customers on safe and comfortable commutes to and from work, but they are also looking forward to assisting everyone in making the most of their warm weekends and enjoy touring the golden horseshoe! It’s time to Get GOing!

$10 One Day Pass

The Weekend Passes are exclusively available as GO e-ticket options.

What’s Included with the Weekend Pass

The $10 One-Day Weekend Pass allows you to travel anywhere on the GO network, giving you the freedom to hop on and off trains and buses throughout the day. Whether you’re exploring new destinations or visiting favorite spots, this pass makes your weekend travel seamless and affordable.

How to Purchase Your Weekend Pass

The Weekend Pass is available exclusively online through the GO e-ticket platform. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Visit the GO Transit e-ticket platform.
  2. Select your station of origin and intended destination.
  3. Choose the ‘$10 One-Day’ option.
  4. Complete your purchase, and the pass will be emailed to you.

Your e-ticket will be valid for seven days from the date of purchase, but remember to activate it five minutes before boarding.

Where Can I Go?

During that day or weekend, your pass will grant you unlimited bus or rail journeys between your starting point and your designated destination. You can, however, board and disembark at any stop between those two sites.

Using Your Weekend Pass

Once activated, your pass allows unlimited travel on any GO train or bus for the entire day. Here’s an example of how you can use it:

  • Start your journey at Oshawa.
  • Get off at Burlington to explore.
  • Reboard at Burlington and continue to Niagara Falls.
  • Travel back to Oshawa, all with the same pass.

The possibilities are endless, giving you the flexibility to plan your adventure.

Important Details

  • Availability: Only available online and on smartphones. Not available at stations or through PRESTO.
  • Validation: E-tickets and passes are valid for seven days after purchase. Activate them five minutes before boarding.
  • Restrictions: Not applicable for UP Express. Niagara WEGO bus service is not included, so a separate WEGO pass is required for local bus connections at Niagara Falls GO Station.
  • Holiday Extension: The $10 One-Day Pass can be used over extended holiday periods.

Weekend service is provided via Lakeshore East, Lakeshore West (all the way to Niagara Falls), and Barrie, so there are many of options to select from.

Plan Your Trip

Enjoy the ease and flexibility of GO Transit’s weekend service across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. With the Weekend Pass, you can explore, visit friends, or simply enjoy a day out without worrying about the cost of multiple tickets.

So, next time you’re planning a weekend adventure, consider the GO Transit Weekend Pass for an affordable and convenient travel option. For more details and to purchase your pass, visit the GO Transit website. Enjoy your journey!

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