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Get GOing!

Who’s ready for some proper weekends? Weekends spent at the beach, chilling with refreshments on the patio, taking a day trip to Niagara Falls, or simply having a backyard visit with people who live on the other side of the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

We know you’re excited to see friends and family, and get out to your favourite sites and day trip destinations. GO Transit is moving their customers on safe and comfortable commutes to and from work, but they are also looking forward to assisting everyone in making the most of their warm weekends and enjoy touring the golden horseshoe! It’s time to Get GOing!

What’s a Weekend Pass?

There are 2 types of passes available:

$10 One Day Pass

This pass will allow you to travel all day long on a Saturday OR a Sunday OR a Holiday.

$15 Weekend Pass

This pass will allow you to travel all weekend long – Saturday AND Sunday AND any additional Holiday day.

With either pass, you pay just one low fare for unlimited travel between your origin point and your final destination!

The Weekend Passes are exclusively available as GO e-ticket options. Buy yours today!

Where Can I Go?

During that day or weekend, your pass will grant you unlimited bus or rail journeys between your starting point and your designated destination. You can, however, board and disembark at any stop between those two sites.

Do you reside in Barrie and want to take your family to Niagara Falls? Its also possible to include your extended family who may live along the way. You could start in Barrie and meet up with your folks in King City. Then make a second stop in Oakville to meet up with your sister and her family. Then proceed all the way to Niagara Falls.

The weekend pass also allows you to visit overnight on the weekend without having to worry about parking, and you could even stop in and see your friends in Port Credit on your way home!

Weekend service is provided via Lakeshore East, Lakeshore West (all the way to Niagara Falls), and Barrie, so there are many of options to select from.

How Does The Pass Work?

  • Using the passes tab, select your station of origin and your intended destination (the furthest point that you plan to travel to). Next, select either the $10 One Day Pass or the $15 Weekend Pass.
  • Choose the number of passes that you need for your party. Remember kids 12 and under ride free!
  • When you’ve completed your purchase, the online pass will be emailed to you.
  • Remember to activate your pass on your smartphone five minutes prior to boarding a GO bus or train.
  • Enjoy unlimited travel between your chosen points, all day or weekend long (on GO Train or GO Bus.)!
  • These passes are only available online – not at stations or by using PRESTO. So take a look at our system map and plan your trips now!
  • NOTE: If using the Weekend Pass to go to Niagara Falls GO Station, the local WEGO bus connection is not included. If required, you will need to purchase a WEGO pass to be able to board the bus. 

Flexible and Affordable

GoTransit wants to make your downtime as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. Also you won’t have to worry about getting lost or paying for parking.

  • You can travel with friends and family, knowing that GO’s safety protocols will keep your health top-of-mind at all times.
  • In terms of travel, you have a lot of options. If your plans change, your pass is good for up to a year from the date of purchase, as long as it hasn’t been activated.
  • You know exactly how much your trip will cost before you leave. You won’t have to estimate different fares for different parts of your trip because they have a flat rate.
  • It is now easier and more economical to travel throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Have you previously found day trips to be prohibitively expensive? GO wants everyone to be able to enjoy the convenience and accessibility of their journey and enjoy everything the Golden Horseshoe has to offer.
  • You can go on a weekend break without having to worry about paying exorbitant overnight parking fees.

Weekend Win!

This weekend, find Your GO Time! You can easily travel with family and friends when you don’t have to worry about driving, and you’ll have more time to chat them up during the journey.

If you’re travelling alone, take advantage of our new GO Wi-Fi Plus, which includes free audiobooks, music, and podcasts.

In any event, you’ll enjoy the journey as much as the destination – and that’s how weekends are won!

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