Niagara Falls Frozen Offers The Most Breathtaking Views

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With the temperatures falling well below the freezing mark, the Falls and its surroundings become a Winter Wonderland. While the Falls itself will not likely freeze over, everything around it will acquire a thick coating of ice. The mist coming off the Falls progressively adds layers of water that freezes onto the surroundings, creating massive icicles and making everything look like its under glass. Below are a number of stunning images showcasing the Niagara Falls frozen phenomenon.

A good time to view Niagara Falls Frozen is when the weather warms up and the ice starts to melt. This process creates a beautiful scene of clean and clear ice formations along with a huge volumes of water flowing over the edge of each rock face. Always use caution when hiking  in or around these areas during winter as moisture and ice can make for slippery conditions, large icicles can fall from above and the rivers are moving twice the volume during thaw periods.

Canadian Horseshoe Falls

Behind the Falls

SkyWheel Views

American Falls

American and Canadian Falls

Historic Frozen Falls

More Magical Niagara Water Falls to See During Winter!

The Horseshoe, Bridal Veil and American Falls aren’t the only waterfalls to see in Niagara during the winter season. Do you enjoy hiking? Do you like waterfalls? We’ve compiled a list of 7 amazing waterfalls to see in Niagara for the adventurer and the outdoor lover.

Vintage Niagara Falls Winter Activities

The Niagara Falls Frozen phenomena has been a winter tradition for over 100 years! Way back then Niagara Falls would freeze over enough to create an ice bridge (approximately 30-100 feet deep) and some very brave people would walk out onto the ice and travel from one side to the other. In the early 1900’s concessionaires would even drag huts and shanties made of wood onto the bridge to sell tea, coffee, food, souvenirs and liquor!  Click here to learn more history and enjoy this stunning collection of vintage Niagara Falls frozen photographs.

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