Beyond Attractions and Your Average Souvenirs: Snazzy Sandals, Beautiful Bags, Wax Hands, and More!

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Walking into the Fun Factory on Clifton Hill you will more then likely notice a stir around the back counter!  This is where couples, family, and friends go to make memories while on a trip.    It is one of the coolest spots on the “street of fun by the falls”, and so entertaining.  You will find the unique items in the store ranging from quirky t-shirts, to stuffed animals, purses, funky hats, and so much more.  It’s worth a look and you will likely pass it on your way to see Niagara Falls anyways so stop in and see what wild things you may find!
You will find friendly employees always ready to help you as well meet Taylor and Ashley who have both been loyal employees every summer for the past few years.  Ashley attends Guelph University in the fall, while Taylor is a student at Niagara College! They love working at the Fun Factory so you will more then likely see them if you decide to stop in.

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