Where To Pick Real Christmas Trees In Niagara

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Ah, the holiday season—the twinkling lights, the cozy evenings, and, of course, the quest for the perfect Christmas tree. If you’re among those who believe fake trees just don’t make the cut (literally), you’re in for a treat. Here’s your no-nonsense guide to sourcing real Christmas trees in and around the Niagara region.

Crisp Air, Pine Aroma, and Real Christmas Magic!
For many, a trip to the Christmas tree farm is a time-honored tradition. If you’re an Ontarian and decking the halls with a real tree is a must, this guide is your new best friend.

Homegrown Goodness: No Need to Travel Far
The beauty of it all? You don’t have to venture too far from Niagara to find your ideal evergreen. All the spots on our list offer the joy of cutting down your own tree—because let’s face it, that’s the ultimate way to get your entire family into the holiday spirit.

Let the Tree Hunt Begin!
Christmas tree farms typically swing open their gates towards the end of November, and the festive buzz lasts until the trees find new homes, usually within the first ten days of December. Stay in the loop by following these farms on social media or giving them a quick call.

Niagara Christmas Tree Farm Directory:

Niagara Christmas Trees – Piott’s Tree Farm
This isn’t just a tree farm; it’s a festive fiesta! Open Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm, starting November 25th. All trees are $60 (tax included), cash only. Bring your own saw for that authentic tree-cutting experience!

Address: 4331 Sann Rd, Beamsville, ON.
Phone: 905-563-5493

Bridgewater Creek Tree Farm
Embark on a quest for the perfect tree at Bridgewater Creek Tree Farm. Specializing in White Spruce trees up to 12 feet, they’re open from November 13th (by appointment only) and from November 25th (Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Trees cost $70 each, cash only. Pro tip: Make an appointment on weekdays to dodge the crowds.

Address: 61786 Niagara Regional Rd 27 (River Road), Wainfleet, ON.
Phone: 905-899-4812 or 905-933-8258

DiMartile Farms
For half a century, DiMartile Farms has been the go-to spot for Christmas trees. They’re old pros at this, offering a range that includes Fraser Firs, Balsam Firs, and Scotch Pine. If you’re keen, give them a ring for all the info you need; it’s the good old-fashioned way, no website hassle. Call them up and get the lowdown!

Address: 257 Chantler Rd, Fenwick, ON.
Phone: 905-734-4870

Smiths’ Christmas Trees
Back by popular demand! Open Fridays to Sundays from 9:00 am – dark, beginning November 24th. All trees, irrespective of size or variety, are $40 (no tax), cash only (exact change preferred). Swing by for hot cider, cookies, and a jolly family tradition.

Address: 105 Orchard Hill Rd., Ridgeville, ON.
Phone: 905-892-3410

Kameridge Evergreens
Explore over 5000 trees in various shapes and sizes at Kameridge Evergreens. Open on select dates in November and December. All varieties priced at $80, cash only.

Address: 360 Metler Rd, Ridgeville, ON.
Phone: 905-892-0814

Pillar ‘N Pines
With over 7,000 trees, Pillar ‘N Pines guarantees you’ll find your perfect Christmas tree. Open by appointment only from Saturday, December 2nd – Sunday, December 3rd and Saturday December 9th – Sunday, December 10th. Priced at $80 per tree, cash only.

Address: 171 Metler Rd, Fonthill, ON.
Phone: 289-213-8838

Bellyacres Farms
Passionate about the environment, Bellyacres Farms offers Colorado Blue Spruce, Scotch Pine, Balsam Fir, and Douglas Fir trees. Open on weekends starting November 18th from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Weekday visits in December are by appointment.

Address: 393 Read Road, Niagara on the Lake, ON.
Phone: 289-686-2563

Niagara Nurseries
For over 50 years, Niagara Nurseries has been the go-to for top-quality pre-cut Christmas Trees. Open seven days a week, Monday – Saturday 9 am – 5:30 pm, Sunday 11 am – 4 pm. Choose from Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, Scotch Pine. Wreaths, boughs, and other seasonal decorations are also on the menu.

Address: 1643 St. Paul Street West, St Catharines, ON.
Phone: 905-682-4783

Cut Your Own Christmas Trees
This farm offers short and long pine needle trees, from Scotch Pines, White Pines, Balsam Firs, White Spruce, to Colorado Spruce.

Address: 740 Centre St, Fenwick, ON.

Niagara Christmas Tree Farms

Real Christmas Tree FAQs

Why choose a REAL Christmas tree?
Get ready for the full holiday experience! The smell, touch, and look of a real tree add that special magic. Beyond nostalgia, real Christmas tree farms in Niagara play a part in cutting carbon emissions, providing oxygen for 18 people per tree, and creating habitats for wildlife. Support local farms, make lasting memories, and ditch the imported artificial trees.

Am I harming the forest by choosing a real tree?
Nope! Christmas trees are grown on farms, not hacked from forests. It’s a crop thing. For every tree harvested, ten more are in the pipeline, ensuring sustainable practices.

Is tree farming harmful to our environment?
Absolutely not! Christmas trees, except in cultivated forests, are super eco-friendly. They’re harvested after ten years, and 90% of the farm must stay tree-covered always, securing future harvests.

How are real Christmas trees beneficial to our environment?
These trees are environmental heroes. They produce oxygen, act as pollution filters, and host a wildlife haven, supporting various bird and mammal species.

Will my Christmas tree cause problems at the landfill site after Christmas?
No worries. Most places collect discarded trees, chipping them for mulching materials. Real Christmas trees are biodegradable; they break down naturally, returning nutrients to the soil. Plus, they can serve as bird feeders or wildlife cover in ponds and woodlots.

Where does the tradition of evergreens at Christmas originate?
A blast from the past! Ancient winter celebrations had decorated trees as symbols of life. The tradition stuck, evolving through history. Canada joined the Christmas tree party in 1781, and the evergreen continues to symbolize renewed life and universal hope during the festive season.

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