Walking Routes for the Winter Festival of Lights -Updated

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There a magical feeling when you wrap up your loved ones and yourself then journey along the Festival route with a hot beverage in hand to see all the dazzling lights up close. You can safely enjoy the illuminations on many occasions with over 75 displays and millions of lights spread out across the wide-open parklands.

The festival has put together several walking route options. Each route specifies where you may park and which exhibits you’ll view throughout your walk.

From November 13, 2021 to February 21, 2022, the OPG Winter Festival of Lights transforms Niagara Falls into a winter paradise. That’s over 100 nights of glittering lights to enjoy with friends and family as a continuation of the winter tradition and forging fresh memories.

Family Fun Route

The WFOL is a magical experience for people of all ages! So get bundled up and take a stroll through the Festival, the 3km path is a terrific opportunity to view the new displays as well as perennial favourites (plus it’s stroller accessible).

  • Begin your journey by parking at the Skylon Tower, Fallsview Casino, or a neighbouring parking lot at Murray and Stanley Avenue.
  • Make your journey down Murray Street hill to see 3D creatures that are bigger than life, a magical unicorn, and a fairy tale castle.
  • Follow the shooting star light displays all the way down Murray Hill to Queen Victoria Place for a winter wonderland of displays.
  • “Arms of Love,” an extraordinary heart sculpture made by local craftsmen, the Intergalactic Artist Collective, is reached along a walkway of lit trees.
  • Continue your trip down the parkway towards Queen Victoria Place, where you’ll find the:
    • Giant Gingerbread House
    • Gingerbread Family
    • Forest Homes
  • Just around the corner from the Illumination Tower, take the lit route. Before you approach the Clock Tower at Table Rock Centre, take in the stunning views of the lighted Falls.
  • Show us your most JOYous smiles with a selfie at the illuminated JOY display and share your love with a photo on one of two illuminated heart bShow us your happiest self. Share your joy with a selfie at the lit JOY display and a snap on one of the two illuminated heart seats within the clock tower.
  • Continue going via the trail of lit trees to the dazzling Light Tunnel from Table Rock to the new Niagara Parks Power Station.
  • Take a ride up Table Rock’s Falls Incline Railway to complete the loop. This will take you to Fallsview Boulevard, where you will turn around and go back to Murray Street. More shooting star displays may be found throughout your stroll, as well as the lit LOVE display outside the Fallsview Casino and big 3D stars in front of the Hilton Hotel & Suites.

Make it a proper staycation by staying overnight and enjoying far more of the fascinating activities on the following day.

Date Night Route

The OPG Winter Festival of Lights is the ideal date night event, with millions of shimmering lights and opportunity to reconnect with loved ones. Grab a hot beverage, your most fashionable toque, and mittens, and set out for a night beneath the stars (and stars). This 3 mile trail takes you through breathtaking vistas of the Falls and larger-than-life exhibits.

  • Begin your journey by parking at the Floral Showhouse. then explore the nearby illuminated gardens, including The Niagara display. 
  • Walk towards the Falls from here, taking in the views of the city lights along the skyline. Is the Niagara SkyWheel visible in the distance?
  • Continue down the trail to the Niagara Parks Power Station, where you’ll stroll beneath the beautiful tree illumination path and through a 60-foot light tunnel on your way to the Clock Tower and Table Rock Centre.
  • A massive engagement ring exhibit can be seen within the Table Rock Centre, which has views of the lit Horseshoe Falls. Perhaps the ideal setting for a first kiss?
  • Inside the Table Rock Centre with views of the illuminated Horseshoe Falls is a giant engagement ring display. Maybe the perfect spot to get down on one knee?
  • After seeing Table Rock Centre, take the lit pathway to Queen Victoria Place, where you’ll see the Nikola Tesla statue and get a fantastic view of the illuminated Falls.
  • At Queen Victoria Place, a magical winter wonderland awaits, complete with a gigantic Gingerbread House, Gingerbread Family, and lit trees. Another spectacular selfie place is the “Arms of Love” sculpture, which was made by local artists (Intergalactic Artist Collective).
  • Shooting star displays, larger-than-life 3D creatures, and a fairy tale castle await you as you go up Murray Street toward Fallsview Blvd.
  • The Fallsview Blvd Entertainment District features 3D Stars, and in front of the Fallsview Casino, you’ll see LOVE and lit fountains.
  • Take a quick route back to Table Rock on the Falls Incline Railway after seeing the Festival lights along Fallsview Blvd. On the way down, you’ll enjoy even better views of the Illuminated Falls, and it’s only a short walk back to the Floral Showhouse through the Light Tunnel.

Be sure to stay overnight for some extended rest and relaxation, and to enjoy full views of the spectacular Falls.

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