The Clifton Hill Foodie Video Series

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While touring the Street of Fun by the Falls, discovering delectable treats is a very satisfying feat!

Fantastic food is frequently served at unexpected places…so why not find the fanciful flavours that are worth travelling for and explore the irresistible offerings found on Clifton Hill’s Street of Fun!

Instead of mentioning the “best” formal places to eat like most guides do, our video series “does it differently” where we share indulgent options every foodie needs to be aware of next time they visit Niagara Falls.

Watch segments of the Clifton Hill Foodie series below and ride our roller coaster of culinary delights:

Special Presentation: Noah Cappe ‘My Niagara Experiences’ Niagara Falls

Join Noah Cappe as he visits Niagara Falls and historic Clifton Hill!

Episode 13: Seafood!

Kelseys and BP don’t just have your usual favourites, they have seafood too. We have a huge selection of tasty seafood… so dive in with us!

Episode 12: The Meats!

For the carnivores: the best meat dishes on the street of fun by the falls. Steaks, chicken, ribs, wings, it’s all here!!! Wipe your mouth and get down here now!

Episode 11: Drinks!

Quench your thirst along side your epic foodie meals on Clifton Hill. This episode takes you up and down the street of fun with a diverse selection of sips from refreshing cool drinks to warm delicious drinks to finish your meal. Cheers to being a Clifton Hill Foodie!!!

Episode 10: Chicken Wings!

On this episode we’re WINGIN’ in! So many wing flavours at Kelsey’s and Boston Pizza… can you handle the heat? Or do you prefer sweet?

Episode 9: BP Pizza!

Spicy Perogy, Tropical Chicken, Hungry Herbivore… yum! On today’s episode we explore the pizzas of Boston Pizza. Feeling hungry? BP’s got a pizza for everyone, for the adventurous ones who want new flavour combos, the meat lovers and the vegetarians!

Episode 8: Soup & Chili

This week’s episode features food for the soul…warm up this fall with big bowl of soup or chili! Hearty sit down meal or souper quick grab and go? We’ve got you covered!

Episode 7: Yummy Pasta

Pasta La Vista, Baby— say bye bye to boring pasta and hello to be best pasta dishes on Clifton Hill. In this episode we explore the pasta from Kelseys & Boston Pizza, you’re going want to bring your big spoon and fork.

Episode 6: Burly Burgers

Best of the burgers— in this episode we explore the burgers of Kelseys, you’re going to need two hands for these ones! Burly Burger Lineup: Patty Melt, Ultimate Bacon & Cheese Burger, The Mushroom Melter, Bacon Bourbon BBQ Burger, Peppercorn Swiss Burger

Episode 5: Chicken Sandwiches and Fries

Chicken sandwiches and fries, what’s more to love? In this episode of Our Foodie Series we go to Boston Pizza and Kelseys to check out the yummy sandwiches and fries— you’ll be wanting them all! BP: Honey Dill Fried Chicken Sandwich, Boston Brute, Kick’n Memphis & Grilled Chicken Clubhouse (don’t forget the Cactus Cuts) Kelseys: BBQ Chicken Club, Ultimate Bacon and Cheese Chicken Burger, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich & Funnel Cake Fries (Loaded Fries, Angry Fries, Sweet Potato Fries… so many choices)

Episode 4: Fiesta Eats on Clifton Hill

Tacos, Quesadillas, & Nachos!!! It’s a fiesta of eats here on Clifton Hill in this episode of Our Foodie Series.

Episode 3: Salty and Sweet Snacks on Clifton Hill

Check out the salty and sweet snacks on Clifton Hill at our food concessions in the Niagara Speedway Courtyard. We sample some tasty pretzels, both cinnamon sprinkled and salty ones, plus cotton candy and buttery popcorn.

Episode 2: Tasty Appetizers

In this episode we taste the tastiest apps… on Clifton Hill. Kelseys’ Honey Garlic Cheese Buns, four cheese spinach dip with garlic shrimp & southern cajun fried shrimp & Boston Pizza’s Thai Shrimp

Episode 1: Sweets on the Streets of Fun by the Falls

Watch the Sweets episode: Fudge Factory’s Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake, Candy Apples, Tim Hortons’ Refreshers, Wendy’s Frosties, Funnel Cakes & Flavour Burst Ice Creams, Messy Cookie Sandwich from Kelsey’s Clifton Hill, and the new Salted Caramel Panookie.

Introduction: Clifton Hill Foodie Secrets!

Are you hungry for fun, excitement and DELICIOUS EATS? Then we’ve got what your craving! Watch our Clifton Hill Foodie Series, new episodes each weekend featuring mouth watering, tasty, yummy, savory, spicy and sweets all the amazing eats on the street of Fun by the Falls

Tune into our Youtube Channel for more episodes and many different Clifton Hill and Niagara Falls videos

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