St. Patricks Day Quiz and Trivia

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St. Patrick’s Day is on Sunday, March 17th, 2024.

Every year on March 17, the Irish and the non-Irish alike, observe St. Patrick’s Day. What began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland, has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture.

In Canada, St. Patrick’s Day has several different meanings. From wearing green and starting the day with green pancakes to commemorating your Irish roots by eating corned beef and cabbage for a feast day. Whatever fun you have planned for St. Patrick’s Day, be sure to take this quiz so you can learn all about Ireland’s Patron Saint. Do you possess the Luck of the Irish? Will the colour green be part of your attire? Do you posses a four-leaf clover?

Take our St. Patrick’s Day quiz to find out! Maybe you’ll be able to outwit a leprechaun—or your Irish-Canadian buddies!


Reading Time:  < 1 minuteCheers to Passing! Nice Work!  You are blessed with the Luck of the Irish!!!

Reading Time:  < 1 minuteWhoopsHahah! don’t worry, just have a pint and chill!

#1. What was the real name of Saint Patrick?

Whoops, you’d better look up Saint Patrick for answers.

#2. What purpose did shamrocks serve for St. Patrick?

Whoops, you’d better find a four leaf clover to turn you luck around.

#3. Who visited St. Patrick in a dream after he escaped his captors and returned to Britain?

Whoops, keep dreaming.

#4. The __________ of Saint Patrick is commemorated on St. Patrick's Day.

Whoops, a tough one with so many blanking options.

#5. On St. Patrick's Day, what colour is traditionally worn?

Whoops, you’d better find new threads.

#6. How long is the shortest Saint Patrick's Day parade in the world?

Whoops, just keep marching along.

#7. What percentage of Canadians claim Irish ancestry?

Whoops! Maybe try this again Eh!

#8. On St. Patrick's Day, what city turns its river green?

Whoops, you’d better keep swimming.

#9. What country's patron saint is St. Patrick?

Whoops, keep charting a path forward.

#10. What did Saint Patrick chase out of Ireland, according to Irish legend?

Whoops…keep chasing for answers.

#11. How long is the lease on the Irish brewery that invented Guinness?

Woops, its getting frothy…take another swig.

#12. St. Patrick was canonised by which pope?

Whoops, you’ll need to pray just to make it today.

#13. What is the botanical name for a traditional shamrock?

Whoops, botanical Latin can be hard, so just keep growing with your plant knowledge.

#14. What kind of Irish fairy is sometimes referred to as a drunken leprechaun?

Whoops, some fairy dust could be a big help right now.

#15. When St. Patrick was 16, what happened to him?

Whoops, try to keep the faith.

#16. Which of the following was the original colour linked with St. Patrick's Day?

Whoops, your efforts are very colorful.

#17. What are your chances of discovering a four-leaf clover?

Whoops, not so lucky today.

#18. What is the method by which Leprechauns obtain their gold?

Whoops…not quite a gold place finish.

#19. On Saint Patrick's Day, how many estimated pints of Guinness are consumed?

Whoops, you man need to start drinking.


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