Quiz: All About Moms: Mother’s Day Trivia

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It’s that special time of the year to honor your mom – but how much do you know about mothers and the day itself? Take the quiz and find out! We’ve provided a little Mother’s Day trivia to pass the time. So grab a coffee and let’s see how much you know!


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#1. In the US, which is the most popular month to have a baby?

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#2. Ancient Greeks created festivals to celebrate their mothers. True or false?

#3. How many children were conceived on record to one mother?

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#4. Which of the following Beatles songs was inspired by Paul McCartney's mother Mary?

#5. Which alcoholic spirit is also known as “Mother’s Ruin”?

#6. Which was the first country in the world to dedicate a day just for moms?

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#7. What day is Mother's Day observed in Canada?

#8. What is the most common gift purchased for mother's day?

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#9. What is an unusual Mother’s Day tradition held in Yugoslavia?

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#10. What age was the oldest woman to give birth?

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#11. Which musical group sang the number 1 single “Mamma Mia” in 1976?

#12. Which flower is the most commonly associated with Mother's Day?


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