Niagara Falls Outdoor Skating, Tobogganing and More!

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Embrace the Chill at Niagara’s Outdoor Rinks!

As the winter frost settles in, it’s time to lace up those skates and enjoy the crisp outdoors at Niagara’s fantastic outdoor rinks! Offering a blend of icy fun and community spirit, these rinks are your go-to places for skating and pick-up hockey.

What You Need to Know:
The outdoor rinks are open seasonally, relying on weather conditions. To stay frozen and safe, they need consistent temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius or colder. Keep in mind that these rinks are not monitored, so skate with caution. A shoutout to the dedicated volunteers maintaining these rinks and providing the community with a winter wonderland.

Rink Locations:
Several locations across the city host natural outdoor ice rinks. You can explore these locations by clicking the links provided or check out the Winter Recreation map.

Have Questions? Reach Out!
For any queries about outdoor rinks, connect with Rob McDonald, the Manager of Arenas & Athletic Fields. Shoot him an email at [email protected] or give a call at 905-356-7521 Ext. 3340.

Maintenance and Rules:
Let’s keep our winter playground clean, safe, and enjoyable. If you notice any maintenance concerns, call the Municipal Service Centre at 905-356-1355.

Before you hit the ice, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rink rules. Safety first! Wear helmets and protective gear, especially for the little ones. Keep an eye on the weather conditions, and remember, the rink is open daily from dawn to dusk.

Rink Rules (PDF)

  • This is a free, public use facility. Please have respect for each other.
  • There is risk associated with the activities of skating and playing hockey. Persons who use this ice surface do so at their own risk.
  • Outdoor rinks are natural and therefore can be uneven, users are encouraged to survey ice surface prior to use.
  • The skating rink will be closed on days of inclement weather or if poor ice conditions exist.
  • Helmets and protective safety gear are strongly recommended.
  • Children should be supervised.
  • Food, drinks, glass objects, and pets are not allowed on the ice.
  • Smoking/vaping, alcohol, and drugs are not allowed on or near the ice.
  • Rink is open daily dawn to dusk.

Join the winter fun, stay safe, and make the most of Niagara’s outdoor rinks – where chilly adventures meet community warmth!

Tobogganing and Sledding

Snowy Adventures Await: A Guide to Sledding Fun in Niagara!

Winter is here, and it’s time to dive into the joy of sledding in the Niagara Region! For many, sledding brings back the best childhood memories, and luckily, Niagara has some fantastic spots for this chilly, family-friendly activity.

Niagara Sledding

Niagara turns into a winter wonderland during the cold season, making it a perfect playground for snowy sports enthusiasts. With a mix of thrilling hills and cozy parks, this year is an excellent opportunity to try something new outdoors.

Niagara Falls
For those ready to embrace the winter chill and create new memories, Niagara Falls offers exciting sledding spots like FH Leslie Park for the little ones, Stamford Collegiate High School for a steep thrill, and Fireman’s Park, now open for sledding fun.

St. Catharines
In St. Catharines, enjoy the snowy slopes of Burgoyne Woods Park, and check the status of Jaycee Park, a potential hidden gem. For tiny tots, Barbican Heights Park is a go-to spot.

Fort Erie
Fort Erie boasts the snowy expanse of Sugar Bowl Park for some frosty delights.

Now, before you rush out, remember to bundle up in layers, grab your gloves, hats, and warm jackets, but avoid loose scarves or drawstrings. Check the hill for any hazards, skip sledding on icy days, and always avoid going headfirst towards roads or water bodies. For added safety, especially for the little adventurers, helmets are recommended, and supervision is a must. Choose a proper sled or toboggan, and ensure they’re in good condition for a smooth ride.

So, gear up, embrace the snowy escapades, and head to these fantastic sledding spots in Niagara. It’s not just about the thrill of the ride; it’s about creating timeless memories amid the winter wonder of the Niagara Region. Get ready for sledding fun like never before!

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