How to Capture a Solar Eclipse with Your Smartphone: 8 Expert Tips for 2024

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As the upcoming total solar eclipse approaches North America, many are eager to capture this rare celestial event using their smartphones. With the right techniques, you can produce stunning images and videos of the eclipse with just your smartphone camera. Here’s what you need to know to maximize your chances of success:

1. Turn off Flash: Before totality, disable the flash on your smartphone camera settings. Using flash during the eclipse won’t improve your photos and can disturb others’ viewing experience.

2. Avoid Zooming: Refrain from zooming in on the eclipse using your smartphone’s digital zoom feature. This can decrease image resolution and result in grainy photos. Instead, opt for wide-angle shots or portrait mode to capture the eclipse.

3. Opt for Wide-Angle or Portrait Mode: Consider using super wide-angle or portrait mode to capture impactful images of the eclipsed sun. Positioning the sun close to the horizon can enhance the composition of your photos.

4. Lock Focus: To ensure sharp focus during totality, use the focus lock feature on your smartphone camera. This prevents the camera from hunting for focus and allows you to concentrate on composition.

5. Use Burst Mode: Capture fast-paced moments like the diamond ring phase during totality by using burst mode on your smartphone camera. This ensures you don’t miss the fleeting moments of the eclipse.

6. Shoot in RAW: Take advantage of your smartphone’s RAW image format capability to preserve more image data for later editing. Shooting in RAW allows for better post-processing and enhances dynamic range and detail in your photos.

7. Use a Tripod for Video: If you’re planning to shoot video during the eclipse, use a tripod to keep your smartphone steady. This prevents shaky footage and allows you to capture stable, high-quality videos of the eclipse.

8. Experiment with Composition: Get creative with your smartphone photography by experimenting with different compositions and angles. Include elements like foreground objects or people observing the eclipse to add interest to your photos.

By following these expert tips, you can make the most of your smartphone camera and capture memorable images and videos of the 2024 solar eclipse. Remember to prioritize safety by using proper eye protection when viewing the eclipse directly, and practice with your smartphone camera settings before the big day to ensure success.

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