Family Friendly Restaurants to Please the Pickiest Eaters

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Taking the family out for dinner is a treat, but if the kids are picky eaters it can become challenging. As parents, you want your kids to say more than “I’m not hungry”, and enjoy a meal the same way you know that you’re about to. Thankfully, there are family-friendly restaurants that know your kids and their picky eating habits and have designed a menu that works for them. The kid’s menu is jam-packed with colouring pages and games and brought to your little one with a pack of crayons. This way, you’ll be able to keep them entertained while you negotiate on a meal that satisfies their tummies and settles your mind. Keep reading to see our top picky eater’s meal recommendations while dining at Clifton Hill!

Boston Pizza Clifton Hill

The kid’s menu from Boston Pizza is stealthily a part of the activity and coloring pack which makes the meals and eating look more exciting. Set for kids under the age of 10, each dish comes in at $7.99 and comes with a side, a main, a drink, and a sundae for dessert.

Chicken Fingers

These chicken fingers have a delicious crispy outside from baking (never fried) and have no added spices or flavors that might make a kid hesitant to take a bite. For the more adventurous eaters, there’s plum sauce for dipping the tenders into. It’s served with cucumber slices and carrot sticks with a side of creamy ranch dressing that makes veggies seem that much more appetizing.

Super Spaghetti

When “I just want butter spaghetti” is your little one’s idea of a balanced meal, this menu has got you covered. These perfectly slurpable noodles are served plain with nothing on them but butter and oil with your choice of meat sauce or tomato sauce on the side. You’ll get to pour whatever amount of sauce your kid accepts and nothing else.

Pint-Sized Pizza

This mini-sized pizza is made to fit perfectly inside of little kid hands. There’s always the option to play it safe and have it cooked with nothing but cheese on it. But the little one will also have the choice to add on up to one topping like pepperoni, mushrooms, or peppers!

Kelsey’s Clifton Hill

At Kelsey’s, the kid’s menu is for anyone 12 and under, with meals that are all under $8.99. Menu items are printed on a colourable menu with extras like a maze game and Tic-Tac-Toe. And of course, there are dishes made for the simplest tastebuds!


For a lot of kids, the idea of a burger between two buns seems like a fine idea, but adding in veggies like onions and lettuce can change that story super quickly. This kid’s burger is served bare, with the option of adding extras like cheese if they so desire!

Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is a staple in a lot of young one’s diets, and so Kelsey’s was sure to add one to their menu. The white pasta pieces are covered in a delctable and gooey parmasean cheese, and can have bacon bits sprinkled on top too.

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