Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

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Halloween is sure to be fun this year, and you can enjoy a fun, festive time dressing up! Halloween’s popularity is likely driven by the chance for everyone to transform into someone, or something else for the day. If you are still searching for that perfect Halloween costume idea that will get peoples attention…we’ve compiled a vast list of costume ideas to get your creative sparks going. Let’s be honest, Halloween is just as exciting for us as it is for our children and its always fun to flesh out ideas with them and create some really cool costumes to show off!

Even for those without kids will appreciate the artistry that goes into these imaginative costume ensembles. Many are based on popular movies and shows like The Nightmare Before Christmas or the Mandalorian, while others, like the classic Mummy, are time-honored favorites. Costume ideas that casts your entire family in a multi character tale, multiplies the fun factor even more!

Scroll down to get inspired by all the Halloween costume ideas we’ve compiled and feed your imaginations for this coming Halloween.


Willy Wonka


Jack Skellington



Post Apocalyptic Warrior Girl

Colonel Sanders

Hogwarts Student

Wilma & Betty of the Flintstones

Jack Sparrow

The Headless Girl

Scary Clown



Vampire Queen

Cruella de Vil

Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man

Viking Girl

The Mad Hatter

Creepy Clown


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