Amazing Waterfalls to see in Niagara During The Summer

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You’ve come to the perfect destination if you like to hike! Check out our list of the best waterfalls in Niagara for outdoor enthusiasts and summer adventurers!

Niagara is renowned for its stunning natural surroundings. Here are some incredible locations to see Niagara’s breathtaking natural beauty. It comes to life with such rich splendour every summer!

#1.  Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario

With the Niagara Falls Live Cam, you can view this marvel from anywhere. From vantage locations along the American and Canadian sides of the Niagara River, you may see the falls every day of the year. Visit Niagara Falls at night when it is illuminated to see a spectacular light show. The Falls are about 170 feet tall, and 150,000 gallons of water rush down from above every second!

Location: 43.07797325987403, -79.07533000168864

#2.  Beamer Falls, Grimsby, Ontario 

Description: Forty Mile Creek cascades over an 8-meter-wide ribbon of falls into a valley below, 12 metres lower. Downstream is a lower waterfall with a smaller height.

Location: 43.183940650402484, -79.5738341846571

#3.  Ball’s Falls, Jordan, Ontario 

Description: Twenty Mile Creek water plunges 27 metres into the gorge below from the top of the main Lower Falls. The Upper Falls have an 11-meter drop.

Location: 43.13284391793817, -79.38604694787874

#4.  Rockway Falls, Rockway, Ontario

Description: With a plunge basin that is more than 3 metres deep at the bottom, it is 18.3 metres high.

Location: 43.112080664977135, -79.32411316137157

#5.  Swayze Falls, Pelham, Ontario 

Description: The waterfall, which is fifty feet high, is dry for the majority of the year. However, visitors can see the waterfall in all its splendor in the early spring or after significant rainfall.

Location: 43.09290848312159, -79.30223475342892

#6.  Terrace Creek Falls, Pelham, Ontario

Description: This waterfall has a huge descent. Swayze Falls on the park’s western edge is taller and easier to find and is nonetheless a lovely waterfall and well worth seeing.

Location: 43.09663390702472, -79.28052707366948

#7.  Thirty Mile Creek Falls, Beamsville, Ontario 

Description: Thirty Mile Creek cascades over the steep escarpment edge in a tiny succession of cascading waterfalls.

Location: 43.16810515638675, -79.51396457671446

#8.  Decew Falls, St. Catharines, Ontario 

Description: This 22-meter waterfall plunges near to the Morningstar Mill, a restored water-powered mill, and the Bruce Trail. It’s lovely and well worth the trip!

Location: 43.11047972397297, -79.27527691534287

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