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NIAGARA FALLS: Nature’s fury re-created in indoor theater

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NIAGARA FALLS: Nature’s fury re-created in indoor theater
The Associated Press
July 6, 2008
The biggest challenge in creating a new tourist attraction at Niagara Falls is trying to live up to the main event.
Beyond being breathtaking, the waterfalls are free to look at. That means parks officials must respond to the “we’ve seen the Falls, now what?” question with answers that not only wow but pay the bills.
A newly opened virtual reality show delivers a time-lapse lesson about the 10,000- year formation of the natural wonder complete with glacial snow, pelting rain and rumbling erosion, all building to 360-degree helicopter views unavailable from shore.
The $7 million “Niagara’s Fury” is the star attraction of a $38 million renovation of Niagara Falls’ Table Rock complex of restaurants and shops that ushers visitors to the water’s edge. (more…)

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