Naked man survives Niagara Falls plunge

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As reported in the Canadian Press
Reports: Person survives plunge over Niagara Falls
NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario — A man has survived a plunge over Niagara Falls, clinging to a log long enough for a private helicopter to create a current that pushed him to safety, according to reports.
Investigators tell a Buffalo television station, WGRZ, that the victim was semiconscious when he was rescued and was taken to a hospital in Niagara Falls, Canada. His condition was not immediately known.
While investigators were not yet calling the leap a suicide attempt, they say the man did enter the water on his own. Authorities got a call from a witness telling them a man had jumped into the Horseshoe Falls, as the Canadian Falls are known. A short time later, he was seen near the base of the falls, clinging to a log. (more…)

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