Chris Cuomo stunts above Niagara Falls today

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Source: ABC NEWS
Like Cuomo, Before the Falls
A Death-Defying Stunt, but Is Anyone Paying Attention?
Posted by LEE FERRAN on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 7:58:46 AM EDT
It’s very early in the morning aboard the “GMA” Whistle-Stop ’08 Tour train, and Chris Cuomo is cool.
Chris Cuomo
“GMA” anchor Chris Cuomo was tethered by a harness — just in case — above Niagara Falls.
(ABC News)
Not cool like James Dean cool (although that’s debatable), but cool like Tiger Woods on the 18th hole at the Masters cool.  And he needs to be.
Today we’re headed to Niagara Falls, N.Y., for what I’ve been told are breathtaking views and a few major surprises, including a life-threatening, death-defying, insanity-inspired stunt that is only now being slightly overhyped.
They really don’t tell me much, but I do know that at some point Chris’ life could literally be on the line and that he’ll get a view of the falls few people get, save those that have been over in a barrel.
But if there’s anyone who can pull this off, I’m sure that at least Chris thinks he can. (more…)

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