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Groupon Niagara Falls: Are you getting the best value this way?

When you travel, who doesn’t love getting a great discounted hotel room or package deal? Groupon Niagara Falls is a popular tool that people use when coming to Niagara Falls to save money on their trip in order to keep extra money in their wallet. Groupon has launched Groupon Getaways, a site that offers deeply discounted travel deals.  A sample of today’s Groupon travel deals includes luxury hotels and resorts. However, are you getting the most out of Groupon? Not always. Many have hidden fees and blackout dates and all of them have expiration dates. Some Groupon deals are even limited to new clients or first-time customers, and are limited to one groupon per person. As for restaurants? Some restaurants limit Groupon users to food listed just on the regular menu, rather than on daily specials as well. There can be quite a lot of fine print you need to read before purchasing any Groupon deal to ensure that it will meet your expectations.

This is not to say that searching Groupon Niagara Falls isn’t a great tool for discounts, I’m only saying to read the fineprint carefully. I’ve made the mistake of purchasing a Groupon deal upfront with every intention of using it by the selected date, but life got in the way and it never happened — and I lost out completely. All my money down the drain.

Many attractions and restaurants in Niagara Falls offer great coupons without having to search on Groupon. No to mention, Groupon is very scarce on hotels in Niagara Falls, attractions and restaurant savings. An alternative to searching Groupon Niagara Falls is to simply check around your hotel at check-in for coupon books. These coupon books, such as “Save-A-Buck“, “Attractions Niagara” and “Niagara Super Saver” offer great savings with many with no expiration dates and many with a limit of up to 6 people per coupon. So, is it worth purchasing a Groupon for $6 off admission to an attraction when you can only use it per individual or to grab a free coupon book for $1 off an attraction when you can use it towards a group? This where regular coupons prevail. If you plan on coming to Clifton Hill, check out our website as well for a page of discounted coupons on food and attractions by clicking here. Print this blog to obtain this Kelsey’s Clifton Hill coupon:

Groupon Niagara Falls

Don’t depend on searching Groupon Niagara Falls for certain attractions. Many will not use Groupon at all. Definitely do your research ahead of time because many Niagara Falls hotels offer considerable savings based on partnerships with other companies that you will not get on searching on discounted sites like Expedia or Groupon. The Comfort Inn Clifton Hill for instance offers great discounts in their Build-A-Package campaign. Pick and choose what you want to do at discounts of up to 70% such as with adding tickets to see the Greg Frewin Magic show! Or how about tickets for the whole family to go to Marineland, that you will not find on searching Groupon Niagara Falls? The point is, there are many discounts to take advantage of that you can commit to based on your preferences and within your time frame than in dealing with stipulations that Groupon offers — and to attractions and restaurants that you want to see, rather than to just those offered on Groupon.

Groupon Niagara Falls

The Clifton Hill Fun Pass is another considerable discount at 50% off the retail price on Niagara Falls attractions. It’s a package you will not find on Groupon and one that is offered year-round! This package includes some of Niagara Falls most popular family attractions: the Niagara Skywheel, Movieland Wax Museum, Dinosaur Adventure Golf OR Galaxy Golf, Ghostblasters Dark Ride, the XD Ride Theatre and some game tokens to play in the Great Canadian Midway, a 70,000 square foot entertainment facility that also houses Boston Pizza and Niagara’s state-of-the-art bowling facility, Strike Rock N Bowl!

It also pays off to subscribe to newsletters and following blogs (like this one!) within hotel websites for deals, packages and even contests that only a particular group of consumers get access to. Not only will you stay up-to-date with upcoming deals, but as a thankyou you get access to contests that you will not find anywhere else.

Stay connected to me for discounts that you will not find in Groupon Niagara Falls for many attractions within this region.

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