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Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls

Get the most from your Niagara Falls vacation with the Clifton Hill Fun Pass!

Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls Attractions

The main feature that drives tourists to Niagara Falls is, of course, the majestic beauty of one of the most astonishing Wonders of the World that is the Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. At 167 feet tall and with an average flow rate of six million cubic feet of water flowing over the crest line every minute, it’s easy to see why the Niagara Falls see close to 12 million tourists per year. With this staggering number of people that travel from all around the world to Niagara Falls, comes the influx of parks, attractions, hotels, restaurants and shopping outlets that cater to all ages and diversities. One street stands alone in Niagara Falls as the promenade of excitement in the city and has long since been named “The Street of Fun by the Falls” for this reason — and that is Clifton Hill.

Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls

Clifton Hill leads from River Road on the Niagara Parkway (where the Niagara Falls are located and can be easily viewed at many of its viewing points) to intersect with Victoria Avenue. If you plan on visiting Niagara Falls, there is absolutely no way of avoiding this lit up street!

This past Victoria Day weekend was the first kick-off to the busy Summer tourist season and Clifton Hill has a way of drawing tourists and locals in like a magnet. It’s atmosphere of lights and attraction sounds emanating from the numerous “haunted houses” that line the street, the giant talking Pharaoh outside Movieland Wax Museum and the roar of the Dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Adventure Golf course to attractions seen at a distance such as the Niagara Skywheel , are just a few reasons why it’s hard to resist cramming the streets of Clifton Hill for an entire day of excitement and intrigue. Patios are open, karaoke begins and crowds form around the “Golden Elvis”, a gentleman bathed head to toe in gold paint impersonating the Rock N Roll legend. Take a photo with him and he will deck you out in Mardis Gras beads…the perfect accessory for such a happy place in Niagara Falls.

Saving money with Niagara Falls Package Deals!

The Niagara Falls Review did an article this past weekend highlighting Clifton Hill and its reputation among being a top spot to flock to not only on long weekends, but in Summer in general. One gentleman in particular mentioned that the reason he keeps coming back is the “massive choice of things to do” and that its “relaxing”, however he finds that it gets expensive. Saving money at attractions on Clifton Hill and in the Niagara Parks attractions can be obtained by purchasing packages offered. The Niagara Parks Commission offers the “Adventure Pass” which bundles the Journey Behind the Falls, Maid of the Mist, Niagara’s Fury and the White Water Walk at a discount and for the Clifton Hill adventurers and families looking for some good old-fashioned downtime fun, there is the Clifton Hill Fun Pass which features the famous Niagara Skywheel, Movieland Wax Museum, your choice of indoor glow-in-the-dark miniature golf that is Galaxy Golf or the outdoor Dinosaur Adventure Golf, tokens to play at the Great Canadian Midway, Ghostblasters Dark Ride and the XD Ride Theatre. These attractions bundled into this package is a 50% savings at only $25.95 for Adults and $19.95 for Children! The Fun Pass is always available, however by purchasing it online you have the bonus of an additional Skywheel ride, further accentuating the savings and highlighting the benefits of purchasing a Niagara Falls package deal.

Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls fun pass

To read the full Niagara Falls Review article click here.

This past weekend, a blogger named Iza Fugen-Busto visited Clifton Hill and purchased the Clifton Hill Fun Pass and reviewed her entire experience in her blog, from her experience on Clifton Hill to some fantastic photos that she took on the “Street of Fun by the Falls”; with one very “mesmerizing” experience on the Niagara Skywheel! View both blogs at the links provided. Her candid photos of her trip to Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls are amazing!

Iza’s Clifton Hill experience can be viewed here.

Niagara Falls miniature golf

Iza’s Niagara Skywheel experience can be viewed here.

Niagara Falls Skywheel on Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill has so much to explore and there’s plenty to experience with upcoming local events. The start of Summer is here and with that comes low-key nightly entertainment from musicians at Kelsey’s Restaurant to the upcoming “Snowbirds Over The Falls” event on May 29th! All the information you need to know about Clifton Hill can be found online at Attractions, restaurants, Comfort Inn Clifton Hill hotel deals and packages, events, firework scheduling, blog updates and even Niagara Falls weather can be found at this one website.

We look forward to the Summer season and we know it will be another success…bring it on!

Christine on Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls


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